03 December 2010

Cama's Christmas Wishlist...

The Alexander Wang boots. 

Arielle de Pinto crochet chain glove... yes please... in both colours... 

Any one of these beautiful Mara Hoffman dresses available now at Tuchuzy... Santa - hit it up. 

Maniamania neck cuff available at Zimmerman

Bec & Bridge, hurry up and release your neckpieces to sell! We want one in our stocking!

Ksubi boots

Johnny Depp in a box :) 

Ellery's Lucite heels. Hot off the press, they will also be coming in boots for winter... 

Whoever finds where these are sold will win a free set of Cama earrings I kid you not. 

YSL homme leopard boots SERIOUSLY

This Acne floral tee - beautiful yet simple and great for this summer. 

Dion Lee tank print dress

Jeffrey Campbell's fantastic Lita boots in electric purple... stopped our hearts.  

Yes, we haven't given up on Dominic Jones' nail gloves... they are amazing and they need to join the Cama closet. 

Shakuhachi's blush lace tiered maxi dress... a summer must for us. 

There you have it. We would love to hear what's on your wishlists - it's that time of year where you have license to buy ridiculous amounts - take advantage people! We know we will.,x 


  1. totally agree with the Acne top its on my list too hehe
    Elle xo

  2. I want a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's in any colour - any idea where you can buy some in Sydney? Alex x

  3. you can purchase the JC litas at tuchuzy in bondi - another place that does JC is Apex shoes on Oxford Street :)

  4. I came across this blog while looking for a picture of the Dominic Jones gloves- so fantastic. I don't know if you are still looking for the YSL cigarettes, but just in case: http://www.order-cigs.com/buy6-yves-saint-laurent-100s.html