16 December 2010

Billy Bride

From top to bottom: Billy Bryde rings with smokey topaz, lapiz lazuli, pyrite and indigo aura.

Each piece of jewellery from Billy Bride is handmade to unique perfection.  Us at Cama are hoping, wishing, waiting and wanting to make one of these individual masterpieces our own...

Photos via billybridejewelry.com

09 December 2010

Style Icon: Rumi Neely

Rumi Neely - always ahead of the trends (do you ever wonder who was the first to make the Pamela Love cage ring cool? Or who started the dip dye trend? You have your answer), always looking amazing, and always somewhere fabulous in the name of fashion. This week, we salute Rumi Neely, the original fashion blogger, and all round style icon. 

Check out her blog Fashion Toast. 

08 December 2010

We love

Unearthen's unique crystal pendants. Be still my beating heart... 

Diamond Dragonfly

Forgive us for forgetting where these images are from, but they are just too amazing to pass up. This is how the races are meant to be. 

07 December 2010

Bambi for Grazia

We love the layering and styling of this shoot - they've used some wonderful pieces. 

05 December 2010

Love for Pamela

From top to bottom: Talon Cuff, Double Cage Ring and Double Talon Ring by Pamela Love.

That woman is a Goddess.

Explosion of Light

This is Brielle, one of our stylish and gorgeous friends. We couldn't resist snapping her outfit the other night - we're especially in love with the vintage boots and stacked jewellery.